Product Fault Claims: Exploding Hoverboard Battery Fire Leaves Woman in Coma

According to recent reports, an exploding hoverboard battery caused a fire which has left a disabled woman seriously ill in hospital. Incidents such as this make product fault claims necessary.

The woman is now in an induced coma after the incident, which took place when she was in her downstairs bedroom.

The fire service said the lithium-ion battery exploded spewing its molten contents across the living room, setting it alight. The fire started as the hoverboard was charging.

Describing the incident as “horrific” the fire service’s Pete Wilson said the incident should “send a clear warning to people to take utmost care when charging electrical items”.

He added: “Please – always buy goods from reputable retailers and check they meet British safety standards.”

The woman’s son, who is also her carer said: “If anyone needs a warning about leaving things unattended when they’re charging, or plugged in when they’re fully charged, this is it. It could happen to anyone.”

Product Fault Claims

There are four main reasons to make product fault claims. These are:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Design
  3. Warnings
  4. Failure to issue a recall


These claims happen when the product suffered damage during the manufacturing process.


These claims happen when the product has a design flaw which has led to injury or damage.


If the manufacturer failed to display sufficient warnings on the product packaging, then you may be able to claim.

Failure to issue a recall

You may be able to make product fault claims under this category if a manufacturer has failed to recall a faulty product even though they knew about the defects. If this fault subsequently someone, the manufacturer can be held liable.

product fault claims

When you suffer an injury due to any of these product faults, then you may be able to make a product fault claim. If a faulty product has harmed you or caused damage to your property or possessions, you may be able to claim compensation from the manufacturer. This claim is under the legislation surrounding product liability.

All product manufacturers must follow The Consumer Protection Act 1987. It states that people who buy a product may recover any losses caused if it was defective and caused injury.  Manufacturers must also make the consumer aware of any risks of the products.

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