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Accidents at Work Compensation Claims

We specialise in helping victims who have suffered injuries at work due to a work related accident that wasn’t their fault.

We are a claims management company and receive payment from our partnered law firms. If your free claim assessment is successful, you will be connected with a specialist law firm.

Accident at Work Compensation Claims

Workplaces should be safe – but if you’ve had an accident at work or suffered a workplace injury, we can help you to get compensation.

We understand that an accident at work can cause a lot of emotional and physical pain – that’s why The Compensation Experts are here to help


There were 35.2 million working days lost due to work-related ill health or injury in 2022/23.

Health & Safety Executive

If you’ve had an accident at work that wasn’t your fault, we can put you in contact with solicitors and work accident lawyers who specialise in work injury claims, so that you can get the compensation you are entitled to. 

The Compensation Experts work with solicitors who work on a no win no fee* basis so you don’t have to worry about expensive legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful. If you think that you might be eligible for a work accident compensation scheme, speak to The Compensation Experts. 

*Typically, customers pay 25% including VAT of the compensation amount that is recovered by our third-party law firms, although this is subject to your individual circumstances and the actual fee may be more or less than this. Terminations fees may apply if you do not keep the terms of the agreement.

Can I Make an Accident at Work Claim?

Have you had an accident at work that wasn’t your fault?

If you’ve been injured at work within the last three years, you might be able to make a work injury claim. Whether you’ve suffered an accident due to unsafe working conditions or due to injuries built up over time, the Compensation Experts can help you to make a claim for accident at work compensation.

Injuries at work often occur due to employer negligence, because it’s the employer’s responsibility to make your workplace environment a safe space.

If your claim is successful, you could receive compensation for an injury that was not your fault. The compensation you receive covers any medical expenses, loss in pay or any emotional or physical pain you might have experienced.

Think you might have a work injury claim?

Examples of Injuries at Work

You might wonder what kind of injuries qualify for an accident at work claim. The severity of work injuries we see in compensation claims can range from mild to severe – but the one thing all these cases have in common is that the accident at work could have been avoided.

As long as the work injury was not your fault, and you suffered significant damage either physically, emotionally or financially, you may have a case for a work accident compensation claim.

There are several responsibilities an employer must uphold to make the work environment injury free, including:

If the employer doesn’t provide the above, the workplace environment could become unsafe, and, as a consequence, the employer is negligent in their duty of care.

In addition to your accident at work claim, in some situations there could be a case for criminal negligence. Criminal negligence would occur if, for example, your employer was made aware of a serious health/safety violation, but ignored the issue or covered it up.

Contact us today for accident at work claims, and we’ll put you in touch with expert workplace injury solicitors to plan your potential compensation case.

Some workplaces – like warehouses, construction sites and factories – may be more likely environments for an accident at work. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t suffer a work injury in an office environment too.

If any workplace is unsafe and an accident occurs, your employer may be liable for a workplace injury claim.

Here are some of the most common work injuries that we see, any of which could be the basis of an accident at work claim:

If you are currently experiencing or have experienced any of the above, contact us to start your accident at work claim today. Don’t be a victim of workplace negligence; claim compensation to cover any pain or suffering, and take the necessary steps to safeguard your health.

It’s also important to remember that injuries at work can build up over time. They aren’t always the result of a single action, but if your employer has you performing unsafe repetitive action, then you may be in a position to seek injury at work compensation.

We have plenty of accidents at work compensation examples from cases we’ve seen, but some of the most common injuries are:

If your employer fails to educate you about these long–term injuries at work, then you have the potential to make a claim. Please contact us to start your work injury claim today.

Accident at work compensation amounts

Because work injuries and cases vary, it’s difficult to provide a definitive accident at work claim calculator. Your case and the amount of compensation you’re eligible for depends on:

  • The type and severity of your injury
  • Any medical expenses incurred
  • Loss of professional earnings (current and future)
  • Travel expenses between medical appointments
  • The cost of any adjustments you’ve had to make to your home

How The Compensation Experts Can Help

If you’ve had an accident at work, or you’re unsure whether it was an accident or not, The Compensation Experts can help. We have a panel of recommended accident at work solicitors and work injury lawyers who can help you claim the compensation you’re entitled to.

An accident at work claim might not be as obvious as a broken bone or laceration, but there is still a case to be made for work injuries that seem mild in nature. If you are unsure whether your case for a work injury claim is genuine or not, The Compensation Experts can help. Get a free claim assessment today.

Need More Help with your Work Injury Claim?

Under Health and Safety law, your employer has a responsibility to keep employees safe while at work. This includes providing a safe working environment, assessing potential risks, listening to employee concerns, maintaining equipment and providing proper training. If your employer breaches their duty or is negligent and this results in illness or injury, you have the right to make a work injury claim.  

If you’ve had an accident at work, it’s important to fully understand your rights. If you need support after an accident at work, contact us today for free, no-obligation advice,  

If you’ve had an accident at work, it’s important that you seek medical attention first and foremost. You should also make sure you report the accident to your manager or to the relevant person in your workplace. In some instances, a RIDDOR report will need to be submitted. If you can, gather evidence; this should include keeping a record of what happened and when, as well as photographs of where the accident took place. If someone else saw what happened, make sure you have their details, in case you wish to pursue a work injury claim. Finally, it’s important that you seek legal advice after an accident at work. A lawyer who specialises in work injury claims will explain your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.  

Making a work injury claim can be broken down into three simple steps:  

Step 1: Simply call our friendly team on 0800 182 2189 orrequest a callback. We have a network of the best workplace accident solicitors who have years of experience handling work injury claims. They will work hard to get you the maximum compensation available.  

Step 2:Once we’ve confirmed that we can proceed with your personal injury claim, our friendly UK customer care team will listen to and understand your situation before putting you in touch with an expert personal injury solicitor to progress your claim.    

Step 3: Your solicitor will gather evidence and will notify the negligent party that you wish to begin claim proceedings. With your solicitor negotiating on your behalf, you will either win the compensation you deserve, or you’ll pay nothing as per our No Win No Fee guarantee. * 

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