Slip, Trip, And Fall Claims

We specialise in helping victims of injury claim the compensation they deserve

Trip, Slip and Fall Claims for Compensation

At this time, one of the most frequent types of calls we receive is for trip, slip and fall claims. When someone falls short in their responsibility to keep public spaces or your work environment safe, a simple act like walking down the street can have unexpected and painful repercussions.

At The Compensation Experts, we assist people who have been injured from a slip, trip, or fall. First, we help them to determine whether they have grounds for a successful claim. When we determine that they do, a personal injury solicitor will support them through the legal process.

What are Trip, Slip and Fall Compensation Claims?

Of course, the typical examples of compensation claims for slips, trips, and falls are many. For instance:

  • Slipping on a greasy floor in a kitchen or restaurant.
  • Falling over obstacles left in walkways, such as boxes of rubbish waiting to be disposed of in a shop.
  • Tripping over uneven flooring or loose carpet.

Accidents like these can occur when you’re:

  • in your place of work;
  • making a collection or delivery, or;
  • if you are a customer or other approved visitor.

But the causes can vary, from accidental, negligence, plus inappropriate or inadequate cleaning or Health & Safety procedures. Regardless, with any trip, slip, or fall injury that wasn’t your fault, The Compensation Experts can help.

Compensation Claims for Trips, Slips, and Falls

In truth, we know that a personal injury compensation claim can’t change the past. However, it can provide you with funds to aid your recovery and make your suffering easier to overcome. That can help, as well as the fact that compensation covers other damages for your injury.

In short, compensation from personal injury claims can cover the following needs.

  • Most importantly, loss of earnings if you can’t work due to your injury.
  • Reasonable private medical costs so you can access services such as:
    • For instance, rehabilitative therapy.
    • Additionally, any necessary nursing care.
  • Travel expenses, such as to/from the hospital or work, if your injury keeps you from making a normal commute.
  • In the case of fatal injuries, compensation can also include the cost of supporting dependents of the victim and additional expenses for repatriation and burial.

We help clients make effective trip, slip and fall claims for compensation.

Making your claiming process easier

We appreciate that you’ve had a traumatic time and may still be recovering physically and emotionally from your ordeal. In light of ensuring claiming compensation is as stress-free as possible, we offer several key services.

  • Free initial consultation so you can find out more about making a claim without any expense or obligation.
  • The choice of a conditional agreement – widely known as a CFA or No Win No Fee* agreement. A CFA removes the financial risk of paying legal costs in advance of raising a claim with no compensation guarantees. If your claim is not successful, you will not have to pay any legal expenses.*
  • Plus, further agreements with leading personal injury solicitors around the UK. That way, we can match you with a lawyer who has the right experience to best support you.

Types of Slip and Fall Claims We Assist With

The amount of compensation you receive for a slip and fall claim takes many factors into account. When you start a claim, we’ll need to account for the evidence from when the accident occurred. Moreover, we’ll consider the pain and suffering and also the loss of earnings you incur as a result.

Trip or fall accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, including head injuries, that can forever change your life. In short, you can slip on a wet floor or trip over a pavement in town, or suffer the injury at work. Whatever the case, we’ve even got an accident at work claims law firm featuring specialist solicitors.

Additionally, our slip and fall claim scenarios include the following.

Call today, or share your contact details in our online form. Then, one of our expert advisors will call you back at a time that suits you.

*Please note that with trip, slip and fall claims, certain conditions may apply.

Need some help?

Am I eligible?

If you have been harmed physically in the last 3 years, due to someone else’s negligence, the short answer is yes.

Exceptions to this are for instance industrial disease or if you were a child at the time of the accident you may have a longer period to claim.

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How much could I claim?

As every injury is different, the amount of compensation paid out can differ case to case. Varying factors lead to the final figure include: extent of your injuries, earnings missed out on, future losses and more.

Our dedicated team of experts will give you an indication of how much you could potentially claim for.

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How does the process work?

We understand that when making a claim it’s important to know what to expect and when to expect it. That’s why we make the process as transparent & clear as possible.

Your solicitor will gather all the evidence and will notify the negligent party that you wish to begin claim proceedings. With your solicitor negotiating on your behalf, you will be keep up to date every step of the way.

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Why should you use us?

No Win No Fee*

We assess all claims on a No Win No Fee basis, then we can determine how successful a claim is likely to be. This service is 100% free.
We assess each claim on its merits with the information provide, which aids us determine its likely success rate. *conditions apply

Expert Advisors

Our dedicated panel are experts in securing compensation no matter the injury.
Our personal injury solicitors are committed to securing the best possible outcome for you while providing expert support every step of the way.

Personal Dedicated Teams

Each client is provided with their own Personal Injury solicitor who will work on the case from start to finish, being there every step of the way. You will be provided with a direct phone number and direct email address of the solicitor.

Expert slip, trip and fall claim advisors working for you

We specialise in helping victims of injury claim the compensation they deserve for trip, slip and fall claims.

We work on a No Win No Fee* basis, meaning if we don’t win your case you don’t pay! Once you make contact, our experienced team will work to recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Whether you are ready to make a slip, trip or fall claim, or you would just like a free conversation with a legal professional, we have trained advisors on hand to give you all the information you need. Take the first step to getting what you deserve by filling in our quick contact form and we will call you back whenever suits you.

*Please note that for trip, slip and fall claims, conditions may apply.

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