Almost two-thirds of Brits underestimated their compensation pay-out

  • The Compensation Experts polled 500 Brits who have previously claimed compensation
  • Nearly half of those surveyed were considering not claiming compensation after sustaining an injury
  • Two-thirds of the polled underestimated their compensation pay-out

A new study reveals nearly half of people (49%) who sustained an injury were considering not claiming compensation, although almost two-thirds (63%) of Brits underestimated their compensation pay-out!

To gauge what pay-outs Brits may be missing out on, The Compensation Experts polled 500 people1 who have all previously claimed compensation.

Although almost half (45%) forgot to claim for ruined items of clothing and 40% did not consider earnings, bills, receipts, or multiple injuries when filing the claims, Brits still received a considerable sum of £5,400 on average. The highest compensation pay-outs were received by 35-44-year-olds (£7,036), whereas 45-54-year-olds on average received by far the lowest with £3,039.

When claiming compensation over half (56%) did not claim for travel expenses and taxis, although they may be entitled to. Additionally, after sustaining an injury some may need rehab to fully recover, so this should be considered when making a compensation claim, but almost 40% forgot to do so! Even though almost half of the polled felt uncertain to claim compensation, in the end, 75% were glad to have made the claim.

Glaswegians received by far the highest compensation pay-outs with an enormous average worth of £21,285, whereas people from Edinburgh received a comparably small amount of £1,700 on average. In Leeds and Bristol, a majority (66.7%) were considering not claiming compensation, and close to half of Londoners (44.7%) simply forgot to claim for rehab after sustaining an injury!

A spokesperson at The Compensation Experts comments on the study: “The study shows that many people are still unsure about compensation claims and may dread the process, so we hope that our compensation calculator is a great help to gauge how much someone can potentially expect in compensation if they put in a claim.”

To find out more about The Compensation Experts’ Compensation Calculator follow this link:

1 Survey of 500 people who have recently taken out compensation for a personal injury. The survey was conducted in March 2022 by The Leadership Factor.