Accident Photos: A Quick Guide

If you have an accident in public, we know that taking photos of what caused you to have your accident may be the last thing on your mind. However, they are important in your potential claim.

Accidents in public places are one of the most common types of enquiry we receive here at The Compensation Experts. Whether that is a trip, slip or fall on a pavement to falling on a pothole in the road, they can encompass a wide variety of claims. If you have fallen on the street or a road, then, in most circumstances, you may be asked for photos of the area you fell in. These photos are important as they help build the basis of your claim.


Pavement Accident Photos

If you have had a slip, trip or fall on the pavement due to a pothole or a raised paving stone, for example, then you may be able to make a claim. In cases where you have fallen on a pavement, the hole, paving slab, or whatever you have fallen on, must be at least an inch. This is equivalent to a 50p piece.

If you need to take pictures for a potential claim, then we recommend that you use something in the photos to show the size of it. That could be a 50p piece, a tape measure or ruler, a credit card, or anything that is bigger than an inch. This is important as it the depth shows that it could be something that could have been avoided by the council or landowner with regular maintenance.


Road Accident Photos

If you have had an accident on the road due to a pothole or uneven surface, then you may also be able to make a claim. Potholes or uneven surfaces on the road need to be bigger than those on the pavement. They need to be 2 inches deep and 12 inches (a foot) across in either width or length.

When you take photos of these defects, then you need to use something that measures both the depth of the pothole, and something that measures the width or length of it. An example would be to use a plank of wood, or a spirit level across to show the width or length, and then a tape measure to show the depth. This is important as a measured photo can be used to show that the accident could have been avoided with regular maintenance.


What If You Do Not Yet Have Photos

If you have had an accident but you do not yet have photos, do not panic. If you know that the defect is still there, and you can get back to the area to take photos, we may still be able to help you. We advise that you go out and take the pictures as soon as possible though, especially if you have reported the defect to the council or landowner.


How We Can Help

Here at The Compensation Experts, the solicitors we work with deal with many personal injury claims every day. This includes public place claims, and slips, trips and falls. This means that they are well placed to help you get the compensation you may be entitled to. Contact us today by filling in our contact form, or by calling us on 01614138765 to speak to one of our friendly knowledgeable advisors.