Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester

We are the best personal injury solicitors Manchester has to offer. Our team of nation-wide experts specialise in compensation claims and, with one of the best no win no fee Manchester offers, you don’t have to pay out of pocket to get the compensation that you deserve.

Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester

We work with Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester. In short, we’re here to help all the residents of Manchester, from Salford Quays to Didsbury and beyond. Regardless of where you are located in Manchester, our team is here to fight for your right to compensation following a terrible accident.

Our Manchester Network

For accident at work claims and more, we work with experts throughout the country. For those in Deansgate or Castlefield, you don’t need to seek out the nearest law firm. You can opt for the best solicitors in the country to represent you in your case for compensation.

Compensation Claims in Manchester

Personal Injury Claims

There’s complications with making personal injury claims in Manchester. That’s due mainly to the vague nature of a personal injury claim and with clinical negligence. Therefore, we ask: what is (and what isn’t) a personal injury claim? When you seek such legal advice, start by asking yourself:

  • Is the injury severe?
  • Is the negligent party responsible for your injury?

If the answer is yes, get in touch with us so that we can review your case more fully.

Workplace Injury Claims

The Compensation Experts help with all types of accident to help you make compensation claims. Additionally, we treat workplace accident claims in Manchester very seriously.

A fall or injury due to faulty equipment, for instance, is fairly obvious. However, noise-induced hearing loss or asthma can also be a workplace-related injury. It is important to seek out injury compensation for both types of injuries.

Auto Accident Claims

If you have been in a car accident that isn’t your fault, then get in touch with the best car accident lawyer Manchester has to offer, so that you can claim compensation on lost earnings, the cost of advanced medical care, and compensation for general damages.

How to Work With Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester

To make a personal injury claim in Manchester there are three main things that you need to do.

Ensure That You Are Eligible

To be eligible to make a claim:

  • you must have an injury as a result of the incident, and;
  • file your claim within three years of the accident occurring.

There are exceptions to this three-year rule. For example, if you’re a minor when the accident occurs or claim on the behalf of a minor. Accordingly, you have until the claimant is 21 years of age to make the claim.

So even if you were moving from The Northern Quarter to Wilmslow after recovery, you can make your claim. Just remember:

  • Don’t let the three-year limit eclipse, and;
  • Seek to make your claim as soon as possible in case the issue needs to go to court.

There are also instances where doctors diagnose injuries after the fact, like with white finger vibration syndrome or RSI. You will then have three years after discovering the injury to make your claim.

What You Must Prove to Receive Compensation

Our personal injury solicitors in Manchester help you to prove in order to have a case for compensation. In short, you don’t need to spend time deducing these traits on your own.

Start the claim off by giving The Compensation Experts a call. We’ll answer any questions that you have.

If you suffer an injury, then get in touch with us if you believe that your injury fits these criteria.

  • Above all, they owe you a duty of care you didn’t ultimately receive.
  • The negligent party breached that duty of care.
  • That breach resulted in your injury or illness.

In the workplace, for example, an employer must provide a healthy and safe working environment. If you suffer an injury at work, you can make a claim for compensation if:

  • there was a lack of training;
  • maintenance, or;
  • safety procedures.

Proceed with Your Claim in Manchester

If we believe you have a claim for compensation, then our solicitors can represent you. Once hired, our solicitors will work towards gathering evidence and starting the legal proceedings. After they compile the case, they then negotiate on your behalf.

Moreover, if it becomes necessary, they’ll even take the matter to court for you.

What To Consider When Picking A Solicitor

So pursue your claim with the personal injury solicitors in Manchester we work with. Moreover, we’ll work to match you with the best solicitor for your case. To help you be confident in our choice, it’s important to know considerations:

Choose the Best, Regardless of Location

You can choose a local solicitor near you, for example in Hulme, or you can choose whichever one is best for your case. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter if you choose a local Altrincham solicitor or one from another area of Manchester. The only location-specific aspect of your case is the medical exam, which will be arranged with your local GP or other nearby practitioners.

Read Reviews

Just like with any service caught up in the digital marketplace, you can find reviews online for solicitors. By searching on review sites, you can read honest reviews from previous clients who have worked with us in the past.

You don’t need to take our word for it, take theirs because they are victims just like you seeking out compensation to cover their financial losses.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Claim?

Yes, folks: No Win No Fee agreement claims means exactly what it says on the tin.

In short, if we lose your compensation claim case, you don’t owe us a penny.

In the case there are external legal fees, like the cost of expert opinion in a medical negligence case, we will advise you on which After the Event (ATE) insurance policies will cover these extra costs.

If the solicitors we work with do win, then the negligent party is often responsible for paying their legal fees. What you will be responsible for is the success fee, which is not taken out of your bank account but rather from the compensation sum they have won for you.

For Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester, Get in Touch

If you believe you’re entitled to compensation, get in touch with our experts today. We offer free, no-obligation conversations to help you understand whether or not you have a case.

Take some time to think over how you wish to proceed, and if you do wish to pursue your case then get in touch with us and enjoy expert solicitors backing your claim and working hard to get you the compensation you need to recover and move on.

    Start by speaking to our expert team now and find out how much your claim could be worth...

    Am I eligible?

    If you have been harmed physically in the last 3 years, due to someone else’s negligence, the short answer is yes.

    Exceptions to this are for instance industrial disease or if you were a child at the time of the accident you may have a longer period to claim.

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    How much could I claim?

    As every injury is different, the amount of compensation paid out can differ case to case. Varying factors lead to the final figure include: extent of your injuries, earnings missed out on, future losses and more.

    Our dedicated team of experts will give you an indication of how much you could potentially claim for.

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    How does the process work?

    We understand that when making a claim it’s important to know what to expect and when to expect it. That’s why we make the process as transparent & clear as possible.

    Your solicitor will gather all the evidence and will notify the negligent party that you wish to begin claim proceedings. With your solicitor negotiating on your behalf, you will be keep up to date every step of the way.

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