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Accidents in Student Accommodation

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Every September, many young people head to university. For most, it is their first experience of living independently and away from their family home. Whilst this can be an exciting time in a young person’s life, there are certain things that can worry young people. One aspect of living away from parents for the first time that may worry young people is accidents in student accommodation.

In any rented accommodation, a landlord has a duty of care to protect their tenants and keep them safe from harm in the property. This includes those living in student accommodation.

Accidents in Student Accommodation due to Landlord Negligence

Your landlord has a duty of care to protect you from injury whilst living in a rented property. If you have had an accident due to a defect in the property, it is likely that your landlord may be responsible. This is especially true if you have previously reported it to them and they have not done anything to rectify it. This includes accidents in student accommodation.

accidents in student accommodation

Protection for Tenants

Often, student accommodation consists of unrelated occupiers living independently from one another and sharing the common areas of the building, such as a kitchen, living area or shared corridors. The responsible person for the building (usually the landlord) will need to have a Fire Risk Assessment carried out in these communal areas.

The risk assessor will also look at whether there has been sufficient communication with the students regarding fire safety within in communal areas, their individual flat entrance doors, and what to do in the event of a fire. The landlord should ensure that a fire evacuation plan is put in place and is communicated to the students.

Your landlord is also required by law to follow the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. There are strict rules in this act that protect tenants. The Act states that your landlord is responsible for making sure your home is safe and properly maintained. This is both on the inside and outside. Landlords must provide a building that:

  • Is safe to live in, free from damp, and well ventilated
  • Can withstand normal weather conditions and normal use by tenants and visitors
  • Is in a reasonable state of repair inside and outside

If your landlord fails to meet any of these requirements, accidents in student accommodation can happen. If you suffer as a result of their negligence, they have failed in their duty. Because of this, you may be able to claim compensation.

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