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How the New Highway Code Rules Affect Pedestrian Road Accidents 

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The new Highway Code rules came into effect at the end of January. In the new rules, there were several changes to the amount of protection that vulnerable road users have. One of these groups is pedestrians. The aim of the new rules is to give vulnerable road users more protection on the roads. It will also aim to decrease the number of pedestrian road accidents. 

The New Highway Code Rules 

The new “hierarchy” is included in H1 of the new rules. This looks to ensure a more mutually respectful and considerate culture of safe and effective road use. Pedestrians are at the top of the hierarchy, as they are the most vulnerable of all road users. All other types of road users now have a greater responsibility for keeping pedestrians safe on the roads. 

There is a new rule – H2 in the revised Code – which gives priority to pedestrians at junctions waiting to cross a road.  This is in addition to the existing rule that pedestrians who have started to cross the road into which a vehicle is turning must have priority. 

The new rules state that at a junction you should also give way to pedestrians waiting to cross the road into which or from which you are turning. 

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The New Rules for Pedestrians 

There are also new rules that pedestrians must follow to keep themselves safe on the road. Pedestrians should use pavements and footways if provided. Where possible, pedestrians should also avoid being next to the kerb with their back to the traffic. In addition, the advice in the Code now requires pedestrians to always remain aware of their environment and avoid unnecessary distractions.  

The new rules also state that, when crossing a road, pedestrians must ensure that they cross in a place where they are visible to drivers. This means that if pedestrians are unsure whether they can be seen by a driver perhaps due to parked cars or other obstructions they should find a more suitable crossing place, even though they have priority over vehicles coming in to or out of the junction. 

How the New Rules will Affect Pedestrian Road Accidents

Ultimately, the new rules have been introduced to protect pedestrians. If all road users read up on, and stick to, the rules, then the government hopes that it will drastically reduce the number of pedestrian road accidents that happen per year.  

Pedestrian road accidents can cause serious injuries. This is because pedestrians rarely, if ever, have any way of protecting themselves from a vehicle. Subsequently, if you have a pedestrian road accident, you may find that it impacts your mental health is impacted as much as your physical health. 

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