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Our team at The Compensation Experts is dedicated to helping those who’ve suffered an injury that wasn’t their fault get the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been involved in an e-scooter accident due to the negligence of a third party, you may be able to make a compensation claim.


What is an e-scooter?

If you’ve been out and about in some of the UK’s larger cities in recent years, you’ve no doubt become aware of a popular new mode of transport taking over the streets.

E-scooters, or motorised scooters, are electric scooters that look like any ordinary foot-powered scooter but are instead powered by an electric motor. They’re small and fast, making them ideal for navigating narrow streets instead of main roads.

These new e-scooters are slowly becoming a staple part of the transport networks that help people navigate big and busy cities. In 2020, the UK government authorised official trial rental schemes of e-scooters and some 50 local authorities have since introduced them.

But while they might be a welcome addition as a quick, easy, and eco-friendly way of getting around large cities, they also pose a new health risk to the inexperienced and unsuspecting alike.


What is an e-scooter accident claim?

According to recent reports, since their introduction, the number of e-scooter accidents in the UK have been steadily rising. In some cases, injuries are costing the NHS an average of £1k per patient, and that’s not to mention the fatal accidents that have also taken place.

Essentially, an e-scooter accident claim can be made if you suffer an accident involving an e-scooter that was the result of another individual’s mistake. This is most commonly if you are struck by an e-scooter but can include the user of an e-scooter as well.

An of the following are grounds for making a scooter accident claim:

  • Being struck by an e-scooter
  • Colliding with a moving vehicle while piloting an e-scooter
  • Be injured as a passenger on an e-scooter as a result of the driver’s actions
  • Injury while driving an e-scooter due to pavement or road defects

Of course, a scooter accident claim is not limited to solely these events, and any accident involving an e-scooter that results in personal injury can be grounds for an e-scooter accident claim.


Why are e-scooters considered dangerous?

While other types of personal transportation, such as bikes and skateboards, could be considered dangerous in certain circumstances, they are still only powered by the person riding them.

E-scooters are powered by an electric motor and are capable of reaching 30mph. A road traffic accident involving a car travelling at 30mph is dangerous, for anyone in a scooter accident, it can be potentially fatal.

This makes e-scooters particularly dangerous for inexperienced users and pedestrians. Some of the common dangers associated with e-scooters include, but are not limited to:

  • Wearing a lack of safety gear while driving
  • Having a passenger onboard the scooter that affects weight distribution
  • Wearing clothing or headphones that affect the driver’s awareness
  • Users weaving between traffic, pedestrians, and other obstacles


How to make an e-scooter accident claim

If you’ve been involved in an accident involving an e-scooter, regardless of whether you were a pedestrian, driver, or e-scooter pilot, your first step should be to speak with the police. You should then get in touch with a solicitor if you wish to make a claim.

Your solicitor will be able to break down the somewhat ambiguous laws surrounding the use of e-scooters and assess the validity of your claim.

If they believe your claim is winnable, one of the first steps you will be asked to take is to gather as much evidence as possible to support your claim. This evidence could include:

  • Images of the accident site
  • Witness details from those who saw the event
  • Evidence of the injuries you sustained
  • Bills for any medical treatment you received for your injuries
  • Receipts for any expenses you needed to cover while receiving treatment

There are, of course, many other pieces of evidence that you could gather, but even one or two pieces of the evidence mentioned above will go a long way to helping your claim.


What if I’m involved in an e-scooter accident with an uninsured driver?

Under electric scooter law, e-scooter drivers must have insurance and a valid driver’s licence. If you’re involved in an e-scooter accident with someone who is uninsured or licenced, then you should still speak with a solicitor for guidance.

They will help you handle your claim as you take it to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. This is the group that deal with compensation claims for people who have accidents with uninsured or untraceable drivers.


What are the UK laws surrounding e-scooters?

As e-scooter accidents in the UK have increased, the UK government has been quick to reassess electric scooter law. Any electric scooter in the UK is now classed as a light motor vehicle due to its electric engine.

This means that e-scooter users are required, by law, to be insured and registered with their scooter. It is also illegal to ride them on pavements, public footpaths, cycle lanes, and in pedestrian zones.

Instead, e-scooters can be used on public roads, but are required to have a licence plate, indicators, and rear lights. The exception to these rules are those scooters that fall under the government rental scheme, which are limited to 15mph and may use cycle lanes.

Under electric scooter law, if an e-scooter is not a government rental scooter or used on the roads, then an e-scooter may only be used on private land.


Electric scooter law in Scotland

While part of the UK, electric scooter law in Scotland is even stricter than in the rest of the UK. While electric scooters may be ridden on roads in the majority of the UK, under electric scooter law in Scotland, it is illegal to use an e-scooter in a public space.


Case studies involving e-scooter accidents

Since the introduction of e-scooters to the roads, the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (Pacts) has been investigating e-scooter safety and e-scooter accidents in the UK.

In Bristol, where the use of e-scooter rentals has taken off, a new report by Pacts shows at least 90 e-scooter riders went to A&E units in Bristol for treatment in four weeks between May and June. Of those people, 96% were the e-scooter rider, and 80% of that group had been riding hired scooters.

The majority of those injured, 71%, fell rather than collided with a pedestrian or another vehicle, and about a fifth came in with head injuries. Three patients had either a traumatic brain injury, haemorrhage, or a fractured skull.

While not a large number of injuries by itself, it does highlight how the use of e-scooters can be dangerous to those who are inexperienced in their use.


If you’ve been involved in an e-scooter accident, or any road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, then you might be eligible for compensation. Contact us at The Compensation Experts today and we’ll put you in touch with expert solicitors.

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    Am I eligible?

    If you have been involved in a cycle accident in the last 3 years, due to someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible to make a bike accident claim.
    The exception to this is if you were a child at the time of the accident, or you’re making a bicycle accident claim on behalf of a child. In each case, you may have a longer period to claim.

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    How much could I claim?

    Each bicycle accident is different, so the amount of compensation paid out can differ from case to case. Varying factors that lead to the final figure include the extent of your bike accident injuries, any earnings missed out on, and potential future losses.
    Our dedicated team of experts will give you an indication of how much cycling accident compensation you could potentially claim for.

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    How does the process work?

    We understand that, when making a bike accident claim, it’s important to know what to expect. That’s why we make the bike accident claim process as transparent & clear as possible.
    Your bike accident lawyer will gather all the evidence and notify the negligent party that you wish to begin claim proceedings. You will be kept up to date every step of the way, with your bicycle accident lawyer negotiating on your behalf.

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