How long does a compensation claim take to settle for personal injury?

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    Time Length for Your Personal Injury Compensation Claim

    In general, by accepting a personal injury compensation offer, the process requires your solicitor to request payment within 14 days. But each case is unique, so we’ll examine the personal injury compensation claim time for your individual case.

    There is no legal requirement for the other party to pay within this timescale. Accordingly, our experience is that payments for out-of-court settlements can take between 14 and 28 days. But if you don’t receive your funds within 28 days, talk with your solicitor.

    Accordingly, they will follow up on your behalf and, if necessary, instigate court proceedings if payment is not forthcoming.

    personal injury compensation claim time will vary based on your type of claim

    Personal injury compensation claim time for cases that go to Court?

    If your claim has gone to court and a judge has decided on the conditions of compensation, in which case they will state a specific date by which the money must be paid. This duration is usually 21 days, and further court proceedings can be initiated if the money is not received at this time.

    You can speed up your compensation payment, too. By ensuring your solicitor has your relevant bank details to direct the payment, it’s a great way to streamline the process.

    We recognise it may not be possible to deposit money straight into your account. Therefore, we’ll issue you with a cheque which will add delivery time through the post.*

    Clients receiving compensation from an overseas insurance company (for injuries from an accident abroad, for example) are different. In short, they may need to wait up to six weeks before they receive their compensation payment.

    Average Time for Personal Injury Compensation Claims

    The average compensation claim processing times are as follows.

    • 4 to 9 months for a straightforward Road Traffic Accident claim with clear liability and swift recovery.
    • 2 to 3+ years for a serious medical negligence claim wherein:
      • responsibility is in dispute;
      • the cause of injury is unclear, or;
      • it’s hard for medical experts to provide an accurate long-term prognosis.

    Your personal injury solicitor must do everything possible to resolve your claim as soon as possible. Do not panic if there are weeks where it appears nothing is happening.

    As well as conducting their research to gather the evidence necessary to support your claim, your lawyer may have to wait for other parties like medical experts to provide information. They should, however, keep you adequately informed, so you understand where in the process your claim is.

    The finality of a personal injury compensation claim

    In summary, most compensation claims are final. So you might experience a new illness or symptoms related to your injury at a later date. No matter: if your claim closes, you can’t make a further application for compensation. In that way, you can’t double down if complications get worse.

    For this reason, your solicitor may advise waiting to make a claim, especially if your prognosis is unclear or incomplete. You may find yourself with less money than you would otherwise receive if you chose to delay. Indeed, there are risks if you wait to learn the full implications of your injury, so speak with your lawyer.

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    *Additionally, your bank’s five working day allowance for the money to clear before you can access any of it.