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Understanding Animal Attacks Compensation Claims

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Animal attacks can occur anywhere, at any time. From dogs to even animals as docile looking as cows. These attacks can result in terrible physical injuries, psychological damage, and even death. Claiming compensation after such an attack is a smart move, as it will allow you the financial buffer necessary to pay for private rehabilitation and therapy. It will also be able to cover any income loss and be able to cover the cost of any aids you will need in the future.

You should never feel bad about claiming compensation, especially for a personal injury accident claim. You were the victim, but with animals, you need to ensure that there is a basis of negligence.

The Difference Between a Wild Animal Attack and a Domesticated Animal Attack

There are two main kinds of animal attacks you can suffer from. If you are in the wild, you might be attacked by an animal if you intrude on its territory or get in-between it and its offspring. In cities and human-owned and managed wildlife safaris, it is up to the owners to provide a safe environment for their guests.

Wild Animal Attack

You won’t be able to make a compensation claim if you are in, say, a national park and are attacked by an animal. The area is not supervised, and you accept the risks of using the area when you enter. They are wildlife reserves in most cases, with some of Britain’s national parks even categorised as a UN nature reserve. Instead, the animal in question might be put down.

Domesticated Animal Attack

Domesticated animals like household pets, livestock, and safari animals or zoo animals can all be put under one category. Namely, there are humans who own them and who have a legal responsibility to ensure these animals do not hurt other people. Zoos must keep their animals in specially created pens that protect their guests; safaris must also take measures to protect their guests, and so on. In this case, even if you were in Africa in a wild safari, if you were injured in an animal attack, the negligence could be placed on your tour guide or the tour company you were with.

When Can You Make a Compensation Claim?

You can make a compensation claim within three years of the attack. In some cases, this might be extended to three years after you were made aware of the issue, but extensions are rare for animal attacks.

It is important to note that in some cases you do not even have to prove that the owner or manager of the animal was negligent. Dangerous species that are not domesticated in the UK are under the Animal Act 1971, meaning their inherently dangerous nature makes the owner responsible for all injuries regardless.

What Steps Should You Take if You Have Been the Victim of an Animal Attack?

If you have been the victim of an animal attack, then you will need to make a police statement. This, along with medical records and witness testimonies, will help you build a solid case against the owner. It is important to note that, though you can sue owners, that you might not always get compensation, as most people are not insured in this way. You will get the most compensation from organisations or businesses.

To help solidify your case and get the compensation you deserve for your injury at work claim, then you will want to hire a lawyer experienced in these sorts of cases.