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When can you make council claims?

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When you have an accident in a public place, there are instances where the council is at fault for your accident. This is why council claims may happen.

Your local council has a duty to keep all roads and pavements safe to use. They also have a duty to keep council buildings like schools and parks, council-owned homes, and street lighting safe.

When people have accidents in these places and the council are at fault, they may be able to make council claims.

When can you make council claims?

There are many instances where the council may be at fault for your accident. The main cause of council claims is potholes in the road or on the pavement. Instances where you can claim against the council for a pothole fall can include tripping in the pothole while walking, cycling into the pothole, and being hurt in a resulting crash, or a pothole causing a car accident in which you are injured, or your car damaged.

Council compensation claims can include:

  • Damage sustained from a pothole that is more than one inch (2.5 centimetres) deep.
  • Injuries sustained while tripping on uneven paving or pavement where a stone is sticking up by at least one inch
  • Being injured at work if you are a council employee, including through not being provided with adequate protective equipment or training
  • You or your child being hurt by faulty or poorly maintained playground equipment
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When can’t you make council claims?

Slips on ice

One of the major reasons people may want to claim against the council is if they slip on ice. Whilst ice is an inconvenience, and councils do grit roads, councils actually have no legal obligation to do this. Therefore, if you slip on ice, then it is unlikely that you will be able to make a claim against the council for the fall.


Sometimes, when someone has an accident due to weather conditions, they may think that the council is to blame. This is especially true if the weather causes slippery roads and pavements. However, the council cannot be blamed for weather conditions. This includes rain, snow, ice, and fallen leaves. If you slip on leaves or wet ground, unfortunately you can’t claim against the council.

Littering/Fly tipping

If you slip on litter on the street, then you may believe that the council may be to blame for your accident. This is especially true if this litter is near a bin. However, the council are not at fault for litter on the ground. This is the same for fly tipping.

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