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MoJ release simplified guide to help people use OIC portal 

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The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has published a simplified guide to using the Official Injury Claim OIC portal after the low take-up of the portal by litigants in person (LiPs). The MoJ published data after the first six months of the portal launch which showed that only 10% of people were using the portal, and the rest were still seeking legal assistance. 

The previous guide, which was 64 pages long, was widely criticised for not being user-friendly and over-complicated. The new MoJ guide is 14 pages long and in clearer English than the previous guide. It sets out five steps to bring a claim. However, the new guide asks users to refer to the Judicial College Guidelines to value their injuries, which may add further confusion. 

The new guide says: “For additional help in valuing a claim, relevant helpful extracts from the ‘Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases’ have been included in the appendix of the OIC ‘Guide to making a claim’. 

“This is a book used by lawyers and judges to help assess the value of a claim which has suggested compensation levels for a range of injuries. 

“The amounts included in this publication are only guidelines and the full circumstances of the accident should be considered when assessing the value of your injuries.” 

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Road Traffic Accidents and Alternatives to the OIC Portal  

When you have a road traffic accident and are suffering, you may not want the added stress of having to navigate the OIC portal. This was particularly true in the first few months of the OIC portal, with most people still opting to alternatives. This is why road traffic accidents and alternatives to the OIC portal exist.  

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, then you may be able to claim compensation. This is especially true if someone else was at fault for your accident. Since the launch of the OIC portal, both drivers and passengers are encouraged to use the portal when they have an RTA, however, many are still seeking alternatives. This is why we may still be able to help.  

You could claim road traffic accident compensation for an injury, if you were not at fault. The most common reasons for road traffic accident claims are: 

  • Another driver’s error or lack of concentration 
  • Poor conditions due to inadequate lighting or large potholes 
  • Unclear signs 
  • Other distractions such as smoke from a bonfire in a neighbouring field blowing across the road 

If you are a protected party, then the rules surrounding road traffic accidents and the OIC portal do not apply, and you can still make a claim the traditional way. Protected parties are: 

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