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Christmas Shopping Accidents

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Now that it’s December, there is one event that is on many people’s minds: Christmas. Whilst the festive season makes many people happy, it can also cause stress, which may lead to accidents. One of the main areas where accidents can be common is whilst Christmas shopping. There are several elements which combine to create extra risk at Christmas, including winter weather, stress and rushing about. And now that we can go into shops again, the number of Christmas shopping accidents that happen annually may be on the up.

Common Christmas Shopping Accidents

Two of the most common areas of Christmas shopping accidents are accidents in shops and accidents on the road.

Accidents in Shops

Most accidents that happen during the festive period do so in shops. This can be due to health and safety issues, inadequate staffing, or the fault of other members of the public. Shops have a duty of care, set out in the Occupier’s Liability Act 1984, to ensure that no one is injured whilst on their premises.

This is especially important during the festive period, as the number of shoppers increases. Businesses and shop owners, at this time, must take even more care to make sure no one has an accident. This includes making sure there are adequate members of staff in to deal with the increased footfall and making sure they have the correct training to deal with the numbers.

Accidents on the Road

There can also be accidents during the festive period before you even enter a shop. There are many accidents that happen on the roads and in car parks too. Causes of these accidents can include speeding, driving carelessly, and drivers fighting for parking spaces.

The Christmas period causes many drivers to drive more recklessly on the roads, with drivers speeding and not concentrating. According to Department for Transport statistics, the Christmas period contains some of the days when the most crashes happen on UK roads. This is likely due to the rush of shoppers.

christmas shopping accidents

How to Avoid Common Christmas Shopping Accidents

There are certain things you can do to avoid Christmas shopping accidents. These include:

  • Try to shop at quieter times to avoid the largest crowds
  • Ensure that you are not straining your back by carrying too much
  • Stay calm and don’t rush – stress can also contribute to accidents
  • Stay aware of your surroundings- a major cause of accidents in shops is falling objects

If you are worried about having an accident during the festive period, or if you are feeling stressed, then online shopping may be more beneficial than going to a physical store. If you are in a store and you notice potential hazards, report them to a member of staff in the store. This can help keep everyone safe.

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