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Accident Photos: A Quick Guide

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If you have an accident in public, we know that taking photos of what caused you to have your accident may be the last thing on your mind. However, they are important in your potential claim.

Accidents in public places are one of the most common types of enquiry we receive here at The Compensation Experts. Whether that is a trip, slip or fall on a pavement to falling on a pothole in the road, they can encompass a wide variety of claims. If you have fallen on the street or a road, then, in most circumstances, you may be asked for photos of the area you fell in. These photos are important as they help build the basis of your claim.

Here at The Compensation Experts, we aim to help everyone get the compensation that they deserve. This guide is here to give you everything you need to know about taking accident images as evidence for your compensation claim.

What is an accident photo?

No matter where you’ve suffered a personal injury, be it in public or at work, you want to be sure that your personal injury claim is as strong as possible so you can get the compensation you deserve.

To ensure this is the case, one thing you should always aim to gather as evidence in any claim is an accident photo.

We know that taking photos of what caused your accident may be the last thing on your mind after receiving an injury. However, they are a vitally important piece of evidence for your potential claim.

An accident photo is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a photo of the place you suffered your accident, but specifically of whatever hazard caused it and the area around it.

For example, if defective machinery or inadequate PPE broke at work and caused you to receive an injury, you should take a photo of the tool, the place surrounding where the injury occurred, and the injury itself if possible.

Public accident photos

While you should attempt to take an accident photo regardless of what kind of personal injury you suffer, there are certain types of accidents where an accident photo is a must.

This is especially important when making a public space injury claim.

Accidents in public spaces are one of the most common types of personal injury that people can experience. Whether it’s a trip, slip, or fall on a pavement, or falling in a pothole in the road, they can encompass a wide variety of injury claims.

Regardless of what caused your injury, you should take a picture of the site as soon as possible.

Pavement accident photos

If you have had a slip, trip or fall on the pavement due to a pothole or a raised paving stone, for example, an accident photo can be instrumental in showing that the hole, paving slab, or whatever caused your fall, is at least an inch in depth or height.

An inch is equivalent to a 50p piece, so you can take accident images showing that the damage in question is of a similar size. You could also use a tape measure, ruler, a credit card, or anything else that is bigger than an inch.

This is important to do, and will lend your accident photo more credibility, as the depth can show if it could have been avoided by the council or landowner carrying out regular maintenance.

Road traffic accident photos

The next important type of accident to get an accident photo of are road traffic accidents. A picture of a car accident is perhaps the most important evidence you can have when making a road traffic accident claim, to prove the damages that occurred.

But car accident pictures are relevant for any kind of road traffic accident, even if it’s just a pothole that causes damage to your vehicle.

Pothole accident photos

If you have had an accident on the road due to a pothole or uneven surface, then much like with a pavement accident claim, you should take comparative photos of the offending surface as car accident pictures.

It should be noted, however, that potholes or uneven surfaces on the road need to be bigger than those on the pavement, upwards of 2 inches deep and 12 inches (a foot) across in either width or length.

Again, when you take photos of these defects, you’ll need to use something that measures both the depth of the pothole, and the width or length of it.

An example would be to use a plank of wood or a spirit level across to show the width or length, and then a tape measure to show the depth, again showing how regular maintenance could have avoided the problem.

But as we know, road traffic accidents are not limited to pothole damage. If you do find yourself in a more serious type of road traffic accident, then pictures of car accident damage should be taken when appropriate to do so.

Private property injuries

Of course, some injuries may occur while you’re on private property. In these cases, it’s still just as important to gather accident images should you suffer any injury.

Private property includes anything from supermarkets to farmland; anywhere that’s owned by someone other than the council. If an owner’s property is in public use, it’s up to them to remove any potential injury hazards and make it safe for visiting people.

Therefore, should you suffer a personal injury on private property due to a preventable hazard, you should always take an accident photo of it. For example, suffering a trip, slip, or fall on a wet or polished floor in a supermarket that lacked proper signage.

What to do if you’re unable to take photos at the accident

If you have had an accident in any scenario, but you were unable to gather any accident images at the time, don’t panic.

If you know that the defect is still there, and you can get back to the area to take photos, then you should do so when possible. If you’re unable to go due to your injuries, then you should ask someone else to go instead.

But we also know that there are scenarios where taking an accident photo simply isn’t possible. It’s important to note that these situations do not make your claim any less valid. Plenty of claims have been won without accident images, they just make proving your claim easier.

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