Woman Has Ear Amputated After Rotating Drill Scalps Her in Work Accident

According to recent reports, a woman has had her ear amputated following a work accident in which her hair was caught in a pillar drill. Her ponytail was wrapped around a rotating drill, ripping off part of her scalp and ear. She has undergone nine surgeries since the accident; however, the surgeons were unable to save her ear.

An investigation by Health and Safety officials found that the rotating parts of the drill were not guarded in accordance with standard industry practise.

The investigation also found that the company’s own risk assessment for using the drill identified a guard should be fitted. However, the company continued operating without one for a number of years.

work accident

Work Accident Involving Machinery

Work accidents involving machinery can be very serious. Machinery must adhere to a certain standard so that it is safe to use, and your employer must conduct regular checks and tests to prevent machine accidents.

Your employer must ensure that machinery is safe to use. There are regulations in place to ensure that your employer keeps the machinery safe and keeps the staff safe from machinery injuries.

In the accident involving the woman, the machine did not have a guard on it. Therefore, this means that the machinery did not adhere to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

In these regulations, employers must make sure that machinery is safe to use and fit for purpose. This includes:

  • Taking appropriate hardware measures – providing suitable guards, protection devices, warning devices, emergency stop buttons and other system control devices
  • Taking appropriate software measures – ensuring maintenance happens when equipment is shut down, providing adequate instruction, information, and training about the equipment, and following safe systems of work
  • Ensuring the equipment is suitable for use, maintained in a safe condition for use, and regularly inspected

Claiming Against Your Employer

It is your employer’s responsibility to keep you safe from a work accident. This means that they must make sure you have the correct training and equipment to be able to do your job correctly. They must also carry out risk assessments. This is to ensure it is safe to do the job.

If your employer has not followed the guidelines to keep you safe at work, or has done so incorrectly, you may be able to claim compensation. We understand that you may feel uneasy about claiming against your employer, however all employers must have employer’s liability insurance. This covers the costs of accidents at work. It is the insurance company who would pay the compensation, so your employer would not be directly out of pocket.

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