Public Accidents Whilst Dog Walking

All dog owners know that there is nothing better than taking your dog for a walk. When you are doing this, it is not always easy to notice if there is anything wrong with the area you are walking in. This is particularly true on pavements. However, public accidents whilst dog walking can be common. If you have an accident on the pavement due to a defect in the pavement, or if you have had an accident in a park whilst out walking your dog, then it may be someone else’s fault.

Accidents on Pavements

If you trip on a pavement whilst walking your dog, then the local council may be responsible. If there is a pothole in the pavement, or paving stones that are damaged, then the council may be to blame for your accident.

Your local authority has the responsibility to take all reasonable steps to make council property safe. These features include council buildings like schools and parks, council-owned homes, roads, pavements, and street lighting. So if you have fallen whilst walking your dog, and it is due to a defective pavement, for example, then we maybe able to help.

The council must also make sure they are carrying out regular maintenance and safety checks on roads and pavements to ensure people do not have accidents.

There is a rule with pavement trips, and that is that the defect must be an inch or bigger. That includes potholes that are an inch deep, broken paving stones or curbs that are raised by an inch.

Accidents in Parks

Much like accidents on pavements, the council is also responsible for ensuring parks are safe and free from accidents. However, if you have had an accident in a park, it may be harder to hold the council to account. If you have had an accident on a public footpath in a park because of a defect, you may be able to make a claim. but that is not to say that if you had an accident elsewhere in a park then it is not the fault of the council. The best way to find out is by contacting The Compensation Experts. We may still be able to help depending on the circumstances of your accident.

What to do when you have had an accident

It is important to take pictures of what you have fallen on, so that there is proof of the defect for your claim. It is also important to report your accident to the council, so that they are aware of the defect. Sometimes it can also be helpful to know how long the defect has been there, and if there have ever been any accidents there before because of the defect.

These accidents can also cause injuries that can take a while to heal, meaning you may not be able to walk your dog or partake in other hobbies for a while. It is important to note this down, as it may affect your potential compensation amount.

How we can help

Here at The Compensation Experts, we work with solicitors who have years of experience in dealing with personal injury claims. This includes public accidents whilst dog walking. Contact us today by filling in our contact form, or by calling us on 0800 182 2187 to speak to one of our friendly knowledgeable advisors.