Public Accidents on Farms: Mum’s Heartbreak after Toddler Dies in Accident

According to recent reports, a toddler has died following an accident on a farm. Public accidents on farms can be as common as workers accidents, and because of this, they can have devastating results.

The three-year-old was hit by a pick-up vehicle as he was playing with his sister and cousin at a farm at Rhosfach, Efailwen on August 3. Police and the Health and Safety Executive are still investigating what happened in the incident that saw the toddler lose his life, but his mother knows enough to say her son, who was playing on his bike, was killed almost instantaneously in the collision. She immediately rushed back to the farm but was not allowed into the farmyard to see her son while police carried out their investigations.

Public Accidents on Farms

As well as the staff at a farm, members of the public can also have farming injuries. The most common type of farming accidents that visitors experience include slips, trips, and falls, and collisions with vehicles. The owners of the farm have a responsibility to keep the public safe from accidents as well as their staff.

public accidents on farms

Occupier’s Liability Accidents

The types of accidents that generally come under occupier’s liability accidents include accidents in places where the public visits but are not owned by the council. Owners of properties must take steps to help ensure that people do not have accidents on their premises.

There are many causes of accidents that fall under occupier’s liability. Some of these include:

  • Slipping on wet surfaces
  • Tripping over uneven floors
  • Being struck by a falling object

These causes of accidents are easy to avoid. The owner of the premises should ensure that they put measures in place to avoid accidents like this from happening. They must ensure they follow rules set out in the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 to minimise the risk of accidents happening. If they fail to do this then they may be liable if someone has an accident on their premises.

Children’s Accidents

Some of the more common occupier’s liability accidents involve children. If children are visiting a place that falls under occupier’s liability, then the owner must take extra care to minimise the risk of children having accidents. This is because children tend to be less careful than adults whilst out in public.

If your child has had an accident is a public or private place, then you may be able to claim on their behalf. If your child is under 18, then a parent or guardian may make a claim for them. Their parent or guardian also has until the child turns 18 to make a claim. If the child is over 18 then they have until they are 21 to make a claim themselves.

How We Can Help with Public Accidents on Farms

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