Public Accidents in Parks

Parks have become vital to the British public during the COVID-19 pandemic. They spent a long time as many people’s only outside space, and with Love Parks Week approaching, they seem set to remain an important part of Summer 2021. However, there are always risks of public accidents in parks, and you may be unaware that if you have an accident in a park, you may be able to claim compensation.

public accidents in parks

Public Accidents in Parks

The most common type of public accidents in parks are slips, trips and falls. These accidents can happen on public footpaths in parks. They are usually caused by potholes or defects in the ground. There are certain rules when claiming for tripping on a pothole or defect in paving. On a footpath in a park, a pothole or defect must be at least an inch deep or raised.

Another cause of accidents in public parks is accidents in playgrounds. There are many causes of playground accidents. Sometimes, it is the child’s fault, or it is a by-product of playing. These are accidents that cannot be claimed for. However, if the accident was caused by faulty or unsafe playground equipment, then there may be grounds for a claim.

The main cause of accidents due to unsafe playground equipment is poorly maintained equipment. Other causes include broken equipment, poor equipment design, failure to comply to safety standards, poor layout of equipment, incorrect installation, and poor installation.

The Responsibility of Local Authorities

The Highways Act 1980 states that local authorities are responsible for keeping all roads and footpaths safe to use. Keeping all roads and pavements smooth at all times is both unnecessary and impractical. However, a council has a legal duty to repair any damage that occurs to surfaces. They must do this by making repairs within six months of being notified of the risk. If a local council does not do this and someone has an accident, then they may be liable.

If You Have Had an Accident

When you have an accident due to a defect in the footpath in a park, it is important that you take photos of the defect. This will help with your case, as it can be proof of the defect in a claim.

If you have an accident and you have information about the defect, then it can be helpful to note this down too. Details include how long the defect has been there, how often the local council repair defects, and if other people have had accidents in the same place. If the accident was previously reported, how long it took the council to fix the defect, and if they did fix it.

It is important that you report the defect to the council so that they are aware of it. They also need to be aware so that they can fix any defects.

How We Can Help with Public Accidents in Parks

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