Pets At Home Worker Killed in Forklift Accident at Work

It has been reported recently that a warehouse worker at Pets at Home was killed in a forklift accident at work. The worker died as a result of a brain injury following the accident.

He was injured whilst operating a forklift at the store. He was then rushed to the Royal Stoke University Hospital by air ambulance, but tragically succumbed to his injuries four days later.

An inquest into his death has been formally opened and adjourned for a pre-inquest review. This will take place in February next year.

The forklift driver’s cause of death was given as hypoxic brain injury and accidental mechanical asphyxiation and entrapment.

Area coroner Emma Serrano said: “This gentleman had an accident whilst he was at work while driving a forklift truck which led to the entrapment which led to the accidental mechanical asphyxiation.

“This is not a natural cause of death; it’s a violent or unnatural cause of death. That means an inquest must take place.

“In addition, because he had an accident at work which led to him passing away. This is going to be an inquest which requires a jury.”

forklift accident at work

Forklift Accident at Work Claims

Forklift accidents at work are common. The Health and Safety Executive estimates that, on average, forklift accidents at work make up about a quarter of those that occur due to workplace transport; forklift injuries often happen due to poor supervision and a lack of training.

Forklift trucks also weigh a lot. This means it is not uncommon for forklift trucks to hit people, or for it to fall over. Forklifts are also different to drive than cars; they steer using the back wheels rather than the front, meaning that thorough training is essential to avoid forklift injuries.

According to The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employers have a duty of care to their staff. This is to ensure that employees do not have accidents whilst at work.

Employers should carry out regular risk assessments to ensure the safety of the forklift truck for the operator, and everyone else in the workplace. This means that it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that machinery is safe and in a good working condition. They are also responsible for making sure that everyone who uses the forklift has had the correct training and is wearing the correct clothing (high visibility clothing and head protection are essential to prevent a forklift accident).

Your employer is responsible for ensuring that your workplace meets health and safety needs. This means that they are responsible for protecting employees from forklift injury.

Claiming for A Forklift Accident at Work

Often when people have forklift accidents at work, they are unsure about claiming against their employer. However, every company must have Employer’s Liability Insurance. This insurance covers costs such as forklift accident at work claims. The solicitors that we work with negotiate with the insurance company, rather than directly with your employer.

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