Most Common Accidents at Work: Construction

When it comes to accidents at work, there are many hazards that you may face. You may slip or trip on something or you may have an accident due to faulty equipment. There are some industries where the hazards at work can be more common. One of these is the construction industry.

Construction Accidents

In the construction industry in 2019-20 alone there were 81,000 workers who were suffering from work-related ill health, according to the Health and Safety Executive. There were some accidents that were more common than others. The most common accidents on construction sites include falls from height, manual handling accidents, slips trips and falls, and workers hit by moving vehicles and objects.

Falls from Height

Falls from height accounted for most of the accidents at work, with these accidents being around 47% of the total number of accidents in 2019-20. There are many causes of from height. These include scaffolding falls, ladder falls and weather conditions. Your employer must follow the rules set out in the Work at Height Regulations. This is to ensure you are safe at work.

Manual Handling Accidents

Manual handling accidents are another risk of working on a construction site. They often happen due to inadequate or incorrect training. It is your employer’s responsibility to keep you safe at work, and to make sure they follow the Manual Handling Regulations. They must also make sure that everyone has the proper training to avoid accidents. Manual handling accidents were around 19% of all the self-reported accidents at work in 2019-20.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are also common on construction sites. They were around 26% of the accidents that were reported to RIDDOR in 2019-20. As construction sites tend to be busy workplaces, employers and employees must take extra care to avoid slips, trips and falls. This includes keeping communal areas clear, making sure work spaces are kept tidy, and keeping walkways clear. Your employer must make sure that these rules are enforced to keep everyone safe. They must also do this to minimise the risk of accidents.

Struck by Falling Objects/ Moving Vehicles

The final accident types that we have found are most common on construction sites are being hit by moving vehicles and objects. These accidents accounted for around 22% of all self-reported accidents in 2019-20. Your employer must make sure that everything on the construction site is safe. They must carry out risk assessments to ensure this. They must also ensure people who are operating vehicles are properly trained, and must ensure that all objects are stored safely to ensure they do not fall. Finally, they must also make sure all employees are wearing the correct safety equipment.

How We Can Help with Construction Accidents

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