Legs Matter Week and Leg Injury

This week is legs matter week. Legs matter week is run by the organisation Legs Matter, and it aims to help people to take charge of their leg and foot health and start feeling their best again. This is especially important after a leg injury.

Leg Injury

When it comes to leg injuries, there are many different types, of varying severity. Any kind of leg injury can negatively impact your daily life, no matter how serious. You may find that you are in pain, unable to walk or struggling to perform your usual activities.

If the incident that caused the injury wasn’t your fault, you may be able to make a leg injury claim. Two of the most common leg injuries are strains and sprains, and fractures.

leg injury

Strains or Sprains

A strain occurs when the muscle or tendons (tissue that connects the bone to the muscle) become overstretched or tear. A sprain on the other hand is when the ligament (tissue that connects bones to other bones) is stretched or torn.

Sprains typically occur in the ankle, but are also common in the knee, whereas strains are more likely to occur in the hamstring. If you suffer a strain or sprain in your leg, you may not be able to walk or perform your normal activities properly for a few weeks.

More severe sprains and strains can take months to heal, and surgery may even be required. This can, therefore, affect your ability to earn, and have a negative impact on your day-to-day life.


There are many different types of fractures, some of which can take up to 6 months to heal and may require surgery. This can affect your ability to walk, drive, travel and more.

Even arguably the least severe type of fracture, a stress fracture, can affect your ability to perform your usual duties. They occur when stress is repeatedly placed on the bone causing a small crack to appear. This can cause discomfort and pain to the sufferer.

At the other end of the spectrum is a compound fracture. If you suffer a compound fracture in your leg, you are likely to require surgery and it will take a considerable amount of time to heal. Compound fractures occur when a large force strikes the bone causing it to shatter into multiple pieces, and bones may also protrude through the skin.

Causes of Leg Injury

There are several causes of leg injury. Some of these include:

  • Accidents at work
  • Falling from height
  • Being struck by a falling object
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Road traffic accidents

If you have experienced an accident that causes a leg injury and it was due to someone else, then you may be able to make a claim for leg injury compensation.

How We Can Help

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