Eye Health Week and Preventing Injuries to the Eye

This week (20th-26th September) is eye health week. Eye Health week is run by Vision Matters and aims to promote the importance of good eye health and the need for regular eye tests for all. There are many reasons why eye health week is important and preventing injuries to the eye is one of these.

Injuries to the Eye

There are many causes of injuries to the eye. These include:

  • Abrasions or scratches to the eye’s surface
  • Fracture of the orbital socket (the area of bone around the eye)
  • Penetrating eye injury, as a result of punctures by a foreign body, such as a metal splinter or glass shard
  • Chemical injury, heat, or radiation burns
  • Negligent corrective laser eye surgery

One of the most common places for a person to suffer an injury to the eye is at work. However, they can also happen as the result of other accidents, such as road traffic accidents, or accidents in public or private places.

injuries to the eye

Preventing Injuries to the Eye at Work

Some of the main things you can do to prevent an injury to the eye at work include knowing the eye safety dangers at work, completing an eye hazard assessment, eliminating hazards before starting work, and using machine guarding, work screens, or other engineering controls. Proper eye protection is also vital, so making sure your employer provides this is important.

If your employer fails to provide you with the correct eye protection, then they may be at fault for your injury. If this is the case, you may be able to claim compensation.

The Effects of Injuries to the Eye that Cause Sight Loss

Losing your sight can change your life. And if the injuries were caused by an accident that was not your fault, then you may be entitled to compensation. Losing your sight, even only temporarily, can cause drastic life changes. These changes can include changes to your daily life, changes to your employment, and changes to your routine. You may have to get assistive equipment to do daily tasks, or even learn Braille. This can be quite a drastic change, and may affect you mentally as well as physically.

We understand that this may be a traumatic experience, and it may affect your independence. This is all taken into consideration when you make a claim. You can either claim compensation for loss of sight in one eye or for full blindness, and either may cover any required changes to your home.

A lot of people who experience more permanent effects from an accident may also need a carer. Many choose a relative or close friend, as that is who they feel most comfortable around. If you were to make a sight loss claim, then the financial implications for your carer may also be accounted for in the compensation you receive.

How We Can Help

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