COVID-19 at work, the new rules, and you

With new government advice surrounding getting more people back into work coming into place at the beginning of August, the risk of accidents at work will become more important to us all. Coupled with the fact that workplaces will need to add more health and safety measures to ensure we are all kept safe from COVID-19 at work, employers have even more of a responsibility to make sure we are all kept safe at work, and with the added pressure of having to play catch up for a number of businesses, the risk of accidents could actually be heightened whilst this happens.

Workplaces must be kept safe for workers now more than ever. There have been extra health and safety measures put in place in work spaces up and down the country, including adding more PPE for staff, making sure that everything is kept clean and sanitised for everyone’s safety, and extra risk assessments being carried out, but, unfortunately, these extra health and safety measures can not guarantee that accidents at work won’t happen.

The new rules surrounding workplace safety, whilst similar, can also differ based on what industry you work in, for example, offices and building sites have different rules, but can both still present their own risks of accidents, even with everyone adhering to the social distancing rules. The new rules also, unfortunately, may not stop the usual accidents at work happening either, and so, as much as we are responsible for keeping ourselves safe, it is the same, if not even more, for our employers to ensure we are kept safe and well, as they have a duty of care to all of their employees.

Additionally, with all the new guidance surrounding working safely and getting people back into work, combined with increased workloads for staff returning, there may also be a rise in people feeling stressed at work. Stress at work is already something that a lot of people suffer with, and, due to increased job pressures post-lockdown, this will no doubt get worse for people who are suffering. We can also help if you feel you are suffering from an added sense of stress at work, for further information on stress at work claims contact us today.

So, what happens if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident whilst at work?

Here at The Compensation Experts, we are well placed to give you all the help you need. We work with solicitors who deal with accidents at work all the time, so we have a wealth of experience dealing with them. Contact us today to see if we can help you with a potential accident at work claim.