Common Black Friday Accidents

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It has been a massive day in the USA for many years, but in the past few years, the phenomenon has spread to the UK. Many items are reduced on the day, and its surrounding days to kickstart Christmas shopping, but it is not without its risks. With the increased number of shoppers, there is an increase in Black Friday accidents.

Whilst this year it is, understandably being held online, in the past it has led people to flood to shops.  With more shops starting to open again in some parts of the country in the lead up to Christmas, the number of accidents may rise. There are some accidents, however, that happen more than others in this period.

Common Black Friday Accidents in Shops

Most accidents that happen on Black Friday and the festive period do so in shops. This can be due to health and safety issues, inadequate staffing, or the fault of other members of the public. Shops have a duty of care, set out in the Occupier’s Liability Act 1984, to ensure that no one is injured whilst on their premises.

This is especially important on Black Friday and during the festive period, as the number of shoppers increases. Businesses and shop owners, at this time, must take even more care to make sure no one has an accident. This includes making sure there are adequate members of staff in to deal with the increased footfall and making sure they have the correct training to deal with the numbers.

Falling Items

It is no surprise that many Black Friday accidents happen in shops. A big cause of accidents in shops is falling items hitting people. Falling items can be dangerous in any circumstance, but may be made worse around the festive period. If the items fall due to the fault of someone else, for example items not being stacked correctly or people pulling items off shelves in an unsafe way, then it may be something you can claim for.


Another accident that can be caused on and around Black Friday is crushing. Causes of these accidents include people rushing to get certain items, and it can cause serious injuries. If shops do not have the correct security or health and safety measures, this can lead to more accidents.


Another form of accident that can happen on Black Friday is assault. There may be cases where someone assaults you trying to get an item, or in the rush to get to the sales. There is a body who deal with assault compensation cases. They are known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, or CICA.

Common Black Friday Accidents on the Road

There can also be accidents during the festive period before you even enter a shop. There are many accidents that happen on the roads and in car parks too. Causes of these accidents can include speeding, driving carelessly, and drivers fighting for parking spaces.

Black Friday and the Christmas period causes many drivers to drive more recklessly on the roads, with drivers speeding and not concentrating. According to Department for Transport statistics, the 10 days including and following Black Friday are when the most crashes happen on UK roads. This is likely due to the rush of shoppers.

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