Cold Weather and Public Accidents

We are now in Winter, and we all know that Winter and cold weather go hand in hand. Cold weather and public accidents unfortunately can also go hand in hand.  In the cold weather, there may be an increase in accidents in public places. This includes trips and slips on pavements. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), slips, trips and falls are the most common accident in everyday life.

There may be more risks on pavements in the cold weather too. The temperatures may affect paving and potholes. This can lead to more trips and falls, and it is something that we deal with on a daily basis here at The Compensation Experts.

Cold Weather and Public Accidents: Potholes

As the temperatures go down, the rate of potholes may increase on pavements and roads. Add that to the cold surfaces making injuries worse, and you could potentially be hurt for longer than usual.

The Winter may also make the quality of the pavements worse due to ice and frost on the ground. Whilst local councils can not do anything about the weather, they must still ensure that the weather does not affect their maintenance of roads and pavements.

There are certain sizes that potholes must be in order to make a claim. On the pavement the pothole must be at least an inch deep. On roads, potholes must be at least 2 inches deep and at least 12 inches (a foot) wide. It is always best to take pictures if you have fallen due to a pothole, as it can help your claim.

Cold Weather and Public Accidents: Pavements

The cold weather may also cause pavements to crack more. This can increase the risk of people tripping on the pavements. Pavements with defects can be dangerous, as they can cause injuries that last a while, such as fractures and breaks. These injuries can take a long time to recover from and may even require surgery. If it was an accident due to the fault of the council, then you may be able to make a claim.

The council must ensure that they maintain a regular upkeep of their pavements to avoid accidents like this happening. This is especially important in Winter as the cold weather can mean that the injuries people have can be worse.

Similarly to potholes, there is a certain size that a loose or cracked pavement must be either raised by or lowered by. On a pavement, the pavement must be raised or dropped by at least an inch in order to make a claim. It is also best to take pictures in this situation too, as it can help your claim.

How We Can Help

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