Chemical Accidents At Work Causing Blindness

Man Blinded by Chemical Accident

It has been recently reported that a man has been left permanently blinded due to a corrosive chemical. The incident happened whilst he was cleaning however he was provided with a faulty pump sprayer causing the chemical DM CiD (a substance commonly found in disinfectant) to burst into his face and eyes. The incident occurred on a farm in North Dean, Buckinghamshire, subsequently the business was fined £8,000 and has been ordered to pay around £12,000 in costs.

This is only one of many incidents which occur across the UK. As the incident is so serious The Compensation Experts team have decided to highlight the potential chemical hazards in a workplace and how we can help if this happens to you.

Potential Chemical Hazards

Workers face a sizeable risk when working with dangerous chemicals if, for example, the equipment provided by a company is faulty. In many cases, this is the primary cause of chemical accidents. Due to the high risk of serious injury to a person for chemical-related accidents, it is very important to have emergency services available as a top priority for a business owner. Whilst direct contact with dangerous chemicals is a big risk factor for chemical accidents, there are various other scenarios which create potential chemical hazards. Improperly stored chemicals pose a leakage threat for workers whilst asbestos can always be present on construction sites where a building is being demolished or renovated.

All of these situations can have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing. They can cause conditions and issues such as the following:

  • Asbestosis
  • Lung cancer
  • Brain damage
  • Chemical burns
  • Heavy metals poisoning
  • Nerve damage
  • Death

Fortunately, there are ways of preventing such incidences from occurring by using personal protective equipment (PPE). When working with chemicals it is vital to protect yourself hence items of PPE should be worn at all items. Some of these are items such as gloves, chemical resistant coveralls, protective boots. There is a lot more PPE available, however, even these cannot always prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.

When chemical accidents occur, it is imperative to report them to your boss/manager and seek appropriate support. If you are alone you must get medical attention immediately. In order to see if you are eligible for compensation regarding a work-related injury involving a hazardous substance, the best option is to seek guidance from compensation experts such as ourselves.

The Compensation Experts

We work with some of the leading solicitors in the UK and can assist you if you are thinking of claiming for compensation. We work on a strict no win, no fee basis which means that you are risk-free and not financially obligated when initially making a claim. This allows you to make a claim for the compensation that you deserve.

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