A Guide To Everyday Injuries: The Next Steps To Take

Many personal injuries are without fault and will only need medical care to resolve them. However, if you have contracted an everyday injury and you believe that a company or workplace was at fault for your injury, then it may be possible to make a personal injury accident claim towards this.

Seeking a Solicitor

Firstly, you should find a solicitor for your UK personal injury claims who can help to discuss your case with you and offer advice on the next steps. They will be able to represent and investigate your case in a professional manner, as well as help to defend you in court. They may also be able to offer advice on the strength of your case and what evidence you will need to allow you to succeed.

Collect Medical Evidence

You should ensure that you keep or request any medical records concerning your injury, especially if your injury is short-term and has healed quickly over a matter of weeks. Your medical records will be able to state the extent of your injuries and prove that your injury was due to negligence on the part of another party. You should also seek a second opinion if you are not happy with the results of a GP examination in order to benefit your case. You will also need to collect other sources of evidence such as any record of financial loss due to your injury.

Sending a Claim Letter

Your solicitor will help you to write a claim letter direct to the company which you intend to sue. It will detail how the injury happened and its extent, as well as how their actions contributed to your sustaining of the injury. The company who is responsible for your injury will then have a set period in which to reply to this letter, where they must accept or reject liability for the injury.

Stating a Compensation Offer

Then, you will need to declare a compensation offer which would be agreeable to you. In most cases, this will be organised between you and your solicitor, who will discuss with you what you are prepared to accept and what a reasonable offer should be. You will then have to state whether you will offer to settle for that amount of compensation. Then, the company must respond either agreeing to the amount or disagreeing, and through this, the case can hopefully be settled without going to court.

Going to Court

If the offer is not reasonable or if the company does not claim responsibility, you may have to go to court to claim compensation. You should take into consideration several aspects before going to court to settle your case, such as the strength of your personal injury claims and the cost. If you do decide to, your solicitor will guide you as to the next steps in order for you to claim personal injury compensation. In these cases, the judge will decide how much compensation you will receive from the responsible party.