3 Steps To Take After Suffering An Eye Injury

Eye Injury ClaimsWe rely on our vision more than any other sense, and an eye injury can have a variety of consequences. Some eye injuries can be minor, but serious accidents involving the eyes can have some serious consequences and may result in you seeking eye injury compensation. The most common eye injuries include:

  • Having a foreign object on the eye – This can be anything from an eyelash to something more serious like wooden or metallic shards.
  • Cuts/Grazes – Anything sharp (no matter how small) can cause a cut or a graze on your eye.
  • Blows – Getting hit in the eye by a ball, fist, or falling object.

Getting an eyelash or some dust in your eye can be easy to rinse out, but anything more serious can lead to complications. Due to our reliance on vision, you should always seek medical help if you are suffering from an eye injury.

Identify the Eye Injury

Usually, we are very aware that there is an issue with our eyes. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms or you recognise them in anyone else, then you will need to see a doctor or optician as soon as possible.

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Slow eye movement in one or both eyes
  • Protrusion (an eye further outside of its socket than is usual)
  • Irritation that lasts a long time

Seeking medical help will help improve your recovery time, and if your eye injury was caused by negligence or an accident at work then getting medical advice will be essential for any future eye injury claims.

Take Action

The quicker you respond to an eye injury, the less damage you will suffer. There are some key actions to avoid in the immediate aftermath of an eye injury. You should never:

  • Touch, rub or apply any level of pressure to your eye
  • Take aspirin
  • If something is stuck on or in your eye and it is causing you pain, do not try to remove it
  • Apply medication directly onto the eye

Instead, you should try and do the following:

  • Cover the eye with some kind of protective shield
  • In cases of a foreign object in your eye, try rapid blinking as this may remove the object
  • For blows to the eye you should use a cold compress in order to reduce swelling, but avoid placing too much pressure on the injured eye.

Once these immediate steps have been taken, you should seek medical advice as quickly as possible. This may mean a visit to A&E, but the quicker that you get medical help, the less chance of long term damage to your vision.

Speak to Legal Professionals

If you have suffered an injury to your eyes then you may be able to make a claim for eye injury compensation. This will be dependant on whether or not someone else is to blame for your injury. If you’re unsure if this is the case, it’s always a good idea to speak to a legal team that has experience with eye injury compensation.

If your quality of life is dramatically affected by your eye injury, then you may receive a payout that can speed up your recovery time and improve your quality of life.