Iona MacRae

Quality Assurance Manager

Iona joined The Compensation Experts two years ago and worked until September 2020 as an agent on the phones, putting to use the soft skills which she now coaches on. In September 2020, Iona moved into a management role, and then quickly into the quality assurance role. She now uses her experience from the time on the phones to develop the rest of the team.

Iona manages the quality assurance side of the contact centre, which means she listens regularly to agent’s phone calls, with specific focus on soft skills and the client journey, to ensure we are performing to the best that we can. She works closely with both the rest of the management team, and the contact centre to provide relevant coaching, ensuring that the team are consistently developing and striving to perform even better.

Iona says “Nearly all our clients have suffered in one way or another, and really taking the time to understand a person’s situation, and how this affects them has really opened my eyes. I have learned the importance of putting myself into that client’s position and thinking actively around how this would affect me.”

“Compensation can often help turn clients lives back around and knowing that I can make a difference in helping someone to achieve this really motivates me. In turn, this has allowed me a much better understanding of soft skills and how to preserve an excellent client journey, which I now share with the rest of the team.”