Anisa Akram

Client Services Executive

Anisa has previously worked for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which she says made her realise that she has a passion for helping people. It has also provided Anisa with the skills of working in a fast-paced environment in the middle of a pandemic where clients were worried and needed help.

Her role in the contact centre is to call clients who have enquired with us in regards to a potential claim. Part of her job to understand what has happened and then assess whether it would be something one of our legal teams can help the client with further.

As well this, Anisa is a law graduate who wants to pursue a career down the human rights sector. This is because she has always had a keen interest in this area of law.

Anisa says “Through speaking to clients everyday it has allowed me to put myself in their position, whether it be upsetting or difficult for them to talk about. The job role pushes me to learn more everyday about what people have faced and empathise with them. It has broadened my knowledge as a person as well as helping me to learn how to speak with different types of client. It puts a smile on my face knowing I was able to help someone..”