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    Claiming compensation from a landlord is simple with the help of the right housing disrepair solicitors. Whether you are renting from the council or through a housing association, the law protects your rights as a tenant.

    No matter what your tenancy agreement states, your landlord has a legal responsibility to maintain (keep in good repair) specific parts of a property. They cannot make you pay for repairs to these areas, or try to reclaim the cost back from you.

    • Water pipes, including showers, basins, sinks and toilets. You should expect good access to clean water and adequate wastewater drainage.
    • Electrical wiring, gas pipes, and anything connected to these like your boiler, water heater, radiators, and fitted heaters or gas fires.
    • The roof, walls, windows, external doors, drains and guttering. These items are integral to the structure of the home.

    As a tenant, you must notify your landlord as soon as you notice something is in a state of disrepair, even if it is something minor that you are not concerned about having fixed quickly. The earlier they know about an issue, the easier (and cheaper) it should be for them to get it repaired. For example, it is difficult to prove a claim for water damage to your possessions if you knew there was a leak but failed to tell anyone about it. Always notify your landlord in writing so that you have proof if they fail to act and you want to raise a claim for housing disrepair damages.

    In addition to telling your landlord when something needs repairing, you also need to give them access to your home so they can assess the damage and undertake the repair. As per any legal tenancy agreement, they have to give at least 24 hours’ written notice. The exception to this is if there is an emergency like a burst water pipe or leaking gas pipe. If they need to get into your flat but you are not contactable then they can force entry, although they have to secure the property when they leave and repair any damage they cause.

    There is no legally defined limit for repairs to be carried out, just that they should happen within a “reasonable” time. It is typical that larger jobs like roof repairs will take longer than something like a broken window, although a landlord should arrange for a temporary repair if it is not possible to fix it straight away.

    What if a landlord does not make repairs?

    Unfortunately, there are occasions when your landlord does not make repairs in a reasonable amount of time, and you want to claim compensation from landlord. Contact a housing solicitor for legal advice on how to proceed. They will ask for copies of letters or emails you have send requesting the repair, as well as times and dates of phone calls, and the names of whom you spoke to. Photographic evidence of the original problem and the damage it caused over time is also beneficial for proving your case. The stronger your claim, the faster your housing lawyer will be able to obtain payment for damages.

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