Editorial Policy

At The Compensation Experts, we want to make sure that we bring you the most up to date, accurate, and relevant information, so that you can make an informed decision on your legal representation. Our editorial policy outlines how we ensure the quality and integrity of all content published on our website.

About The Compensation Experts

The Compensation Experts is the trading name of National Injury Claimline Ltd. National Injury Claimline Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) concerning regulated claims management services.

All website content is reviewed by experts in their relevant field, who ensure and review the factual accuracy of each piece of content, enabling us to meet the high standards set out by the FCA and the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA’s) Advertising Codes, to the extent applicable.

Our Stance on AI-Generated Content

While we understand the value that AI-generated content can bring to some industries, we are committed to developing content which is written organically and do not publish content using AI-generated text. Our clients put their trust in us to learn about personal injury, medical negligence and housing disrepair claims, as well as legal representation which is right for them. Therefore, we are committed to researching and writing content ourselves and having our content reviewed by an expert with experience in that relevant field; whether that be personal injury law, medical negligence law or court of protection.

Principles and values

We ensure that all our content embodies our principles and values:

Accurate – We ensure that only the most relevant and accurate information is included on our website

Inclusive – We maintain best practices to ensure all our content is as inclusive as possible

Transparent – We ensure that the source of our information is given to maintain complete transparency

Ethics & Conduct

As an FCA-regulated firm, The Compensation Experts is committed to adhering to the FCA’s Principles for Business, wider FCA rules and also ensures that all employees adhere to the FCA’s Individual and Senior Manager Conduct Rules.

Expert Review

All content is reviewed by an expert; whether this be a compliance expert, content specialist or legal expert, to ensure its accuracy and completeness

Editorial Process

The Compensation Experts uses the following four-step editorial process to ensure the accuracy, quality and relevance of our content:

All content is researched and written by content and subject matter experts.

Content is reviewed by a member of our experienced editorial team.

Content is reviewed and fact-checked by our legal experts. Where necessary, content is reviewed and given final approval by our compliance team.

Content is re-reviewed on a regular basis, and corrections and updates are made to ensure relevance and accuracy.

Content updates and corrections

We are committed to updating and correcting content to provide readers with the most accurate and relevant information. Corrections will be clearly noted on the page, citing the reason for the correction and the date of that correction.

Editorial Team/Writers

Our editorial team is made up of content and subject matter experts who are dedicated to providing our users with the most accurate and relevant content available. Our editorial team members are selected for their knowledge, skill, and expertise to ensure that our content meets the highest quality standards.

Quality Standards

All articles displayed on our website have gone through an extensive review process to ensure that the information portrayed is reflective of our editorial principles of remaining accurate, inclusive, and transparent.

Fact-Checking Process

Our editorial team conduct thorough research and only use reputable, reliable sources when curating our website’s content. Once the content is drafted, it is checked by our editorial team who verify all relevant information. The content is then sent to our legal experts for final approval to ensure that the highest standards of quality are met.


We strive to use only the most reputable and trustworthy sources when creating content. These include qualified and accredited legal experts, websites of leading research institutions, peer-reviewed studies, websites of government departments and regulatory organisations, and other reliable sources. All links found within the content lead directly to the source of the information to ensure transparency and due credit and are always capable of substantiation.

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The Compensation Experts is the trading name of National Injury Claimline Ltd. National Injury Claimline Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activities. Authorisation Number: FRN: 837834. Company Registration Number: 09944369. Incorporated in England and Wales. Registered Office Address: Egerton House, The Towers Business Park, Disbury, M20 2DX apply

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