Construction accidents

Most Common Accidents at Work: Construction

When it comes to accidents at work, there are many hazards that you may face. You may slip or trip on something or you may have an accident due to faulty equipment. There are some industries where the hazards at work can be more common. One of these is the construction industry. Construction Accidents In […]

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Reporting your accident

Reporting Your Accident

No matter the type of accident you have, reporting your accident is important. It is important for a number of reasons, including for proof of your accident happening. Other reasons include: so the other party knows the accident happened, loss of earnings due to taking time off work, medical reasons, and to ensure it does […]

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Accident Photos

Accident Photos: A Quick Guide

If you have an accident in public, we know that taking photos of what caused you to have your accident may be the last thing on your mind. However, they are important in your potential claim. Accidents in public places are one of the most common types of enquiry we receive here at The Compensation […]

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Work stress claims are on the rise in the UK

Work Stress Claims: The Five Types

A work stress claim is increasingly common in law, particularly as UK employers and tribunal results compel us to prioritise mental well-being. What the government says about a work stress claim The numbers bear out that the amount of people suffering from stress at work is rising. In an annual report on Work-related stress, anxiety […]

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Common workplace hazards can put you at risk, and take you away from the job.

Four Common Workplace Hazards To Be Aware Of

With common workplace hazards, it’s important to know that warehouse and industrial work environments are as relevant now as ever. This reality comes as a result of the steady growth in the transport & logistics sector employment since statistics were first tracked by the UK Government in 1997. Working from home? In other types of […]

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UK Government indemnifies personal injury for ventilator manufacturers

In the difficult days of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for more ventilators rises at a rapid rate. A recent article from the Financial Times discusses the implications and process (PAID LINK) of acquiring these machines. Additionally, it addresses how the Government will protect and support manufacturing ventilators. Personal Injury for Ventilator Manufacturers Estimates […]

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