Can You Get Whiplash in a Low-Speed Collision?

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Can You Get Whiplash in a Low-Speed Collision?

We get questions about low-speed side-impact whiplash injury compensation claims frequently at The Compensation Experts. Whiplash is a common injury in car accidents, but also in other speed impact situations. Our law firms work with you if there is significant or no damage to either vehicle on these (and other) personal injury claims.

In short, it’s possible to suffer whiplash during a low-speed collision. Both head and neck are thrown quickly out of alignment, stretching beyond a normal range of movement. It’s not the speed that causes the injury, but the way in which you suddenly stop.

Experts describe whiplash as if your body stays still, but your neck and head keep moving.

Low-speed collisions or low-velocity impacts (LVI), actually present more danger to a victim than high-speed accidents. That is because the injuries are not always immediately apparent. Fractures, dislocations, and bruises may exist, but other whiplash effects may not appear until 24-48 hours after an accident.

Common Symptoms

Whiplash symptoms that are slow to develop include:

  • Soreness and tenderness of neck and shoulders.
  • Reduction of movement in the head and the neck.
  • Dizziness and a sense of imbalance.
  • Nausea.
  • A headache with the centre of the pain focused on the base of the skull.

Whiplash also causes fatigue, depression, mood swings, and concentration or memory difficulties.

The first thing to remember is when you suffer these symptoms, seek medical advice. Doctors can diagnose and treat whiplash, or even rule it out as a cause. Because in order for a claim to go forth, we’ll need assurance.

Damages compensation for low speed side impact whiplash can go into five-figures, depending on how your life is affected.

Low-Speed Side-Impact Whiplash Claims

When you suffer a high-speed collision, injuries can be more severe. However, whiplash can still happen in a low-speed accident. That’s especially true when it comes to contact when playing sports or due to a slip or fall.

Compensation for Low-Speed Side-Impact Whiplash Injuries

The Compensation Experts can help you claim whiplash damages, regardless of impact speed. Whiplash compensation can range from £750 for mild cases up to £13,500 for more extreme claims. Those claims have a variety of different possible damages, primarily revolving around neck injury and the head.

  • For instance, lifelong neck and shoulder pain are common.
  • They might also suffer headaches due to the accident.
  • Limited movement is another type of whiplash injury.
  • Career-wise, the victim may have to miss a significant amount of time at work to recover.

The amount of damages awarded is based on guidelines set by the Judicial Board. They make their recommendations based on similar claims and payments granted in the last year. Regardless of how the whiplash occurs (even a whiplash claim with no damage to the car).

Compensation can also take into account any loss of earnings. Additionally, it accounts for expenses you have as a result of your injury, like travel expenses or prescription costs.

What to Do if You Suffer Low-Speed Side-Impact Whiplash

First, if you think you have whiplash, seek medical advice straight away from your GP or nearest A&E department. They can then diagnose your condition and prescribe the treatment without delay.

Make a note of any medical appointments you have. Additionally, keep a record of your symptoms so your personal injury solicitor can use these when proposing a compensation amount.

No Win, No Fee Claims Process

Call The Compensation Experts today. Speak with an agent who will give you free, no-obligation help with claiming No Win, No Fee compensation for your whiplash injury.

Be sure to check your personal insurance claim policies, like car insurance, to see if you have After The Event cover.



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