When accidents take place on public transport

Every day, thousands of people in the UK use one form or another of public transport either to commute work, visit family and friends, do the weekly shopping or perhaps just to leave the car behind and go for a drink. Last year in the UK, we made 5.2 billion passenger journeys on buses and 240 million journeys on light rail systems*. Despite the breakup of national transport networks into fragmented private ownership, use of the railways has doubled since privatisation and is by and large considered to be a safe and effective way of getting from point A to point B.

Although safety is generally considered to be a paramount element in supplying transport services, accidents do still happen. Fatalities are thankfully rare, but buses commonly feature in accidents that although might not make front-page news, can still result in back, neck or other serious injuries. In the event of a personal injury resulting from a road traffic accident, liability can potentially be a complicated affair, which is why it is always advisable to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon after the incident as possible. The responsibility could lie with the driver, the firm providing the service, another road user or the council who are responsible for road layouts and traffic lights.

Although we usually think of public transport injuries resulting from collisions, other non-collision type injuries are more common than many would think. Slipping on wet floors of moving buses and trains is worryingly common and can result in bruises, fractures, head injuries, damage to personal belongings and potential lost earnings during a period of recovery. These injuries are painful and debilitating to those unfortunate enough to fall victim to them.

Where injuries are sustained from avoidable circumstances, it is imperative that justice is sought. It is only by learning from these events that the bodies who provide us with public transport can make the changes necessary to mitigate the risk of it happening again to someone else. Contact us today if you feel that you need compensation for a public transport accident that caused you injury or otherwise.


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