Reporting your accident

Reporting Your Accident

No matter the type of accident you have, reporting your accident is important. It is important for a number of reasons, including for proof of your accident happening. Other reasons include: so the other party knows the accident happened, loss of earnings due to taking time off work, medical reasons, and to ensure it does […]

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Delivery Drivers Accidents at Work

Delivery Drivers Work Accidents

The festive season is no doubt the busiest time of year for delivery drivers, and this year they are busier than ever. With everyone staying at home, and online shopping increasing, the extra work may mean that delivery drivers have more work accidents. The Christmas rush means that there will be more delivery drivers on […]

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accidents on public transport

Accidents on Public Transport for Students

University students across the UK are currently travelling home for Christmas, with many using public transport. During this time, with the rush for many students to get home before the 9th December, the likelihood of accidents on public transport may rise. There could be more road traffic accidents, or accidents at stations due to the […]

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accidents at work christmas

Accidents at Work at Christmas

Accidents at work are always common, however, during the lead up to Christmas, they tend to increase. This is mainly due to increased workloads for staff during the festive season. It can also be due to staff not having adequate training, understaffing, and higher expectations. It is the responsibility of your employer to ensure that […]

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